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Pet Food Products

We know no two pet food companies are the same. Our network of vendors, shippers and warehouse facilities has been developed over 40 years in animal feed, and allows us to deliver your specifications on time, under budget, and within FDA/ FSMA compliance. Please call us today with your specifications, and we will get you a price on anything from a one ton super sac to a full rail car.

Poultry Meal

Poultry Meal/Chicken Meal/Feed Grade Poultry Meal/ Feather Meal are by-products from the poultry rendering industry. Poultry Meal and Chicken Meal are core components in many of today’s popular pet foods. These products are typically 65% Protein and 12-18% ash, depending on the pet food manufacturer’s specifications. Feed Grade poultry meal is a vital component in aquaculture feeding and other mixed feed rations. Feed Grade Poultry meal is typically a 60% protein product. Turkey is also available.

Pork Meal

Pork Meal is a by-products from the pork rendering industry. These products are typically 50% Protein and 30% ash, depending on the pet food manufacturer’s specifications. Higher protein pork meal and various post production treatments are also available in accordance with your specifications. Beef or mixed Animal Meal is also available.

Marine Proteins

Menhaden Fish meal is the highest volume fish meal currently produced. It is generally over 60% Protein and a maximum of 20% ash. Various antioxidants may be applied in order to maintain your product’s integrity. Salmon, Catfish, and Trout, are also available.


CSC can source any quality green or yellow pea you may need. Anything from elevator run field peas, to splits, to a whole, polished food grade pea is available. Red or Green Lentils, and Chickpeas are also available

Beet Pulp Pellets

Beet Pulp pellets are the co-product of sugar beet processing after the sugar is removed. They are a great source of fiber. Generally, Beet pulp Pellets are around 7% Protein, and 15-20 Fiber with max 8% ash.

Other Products available:

Egg powder
Potato flakes
Corn Gluten meal
Soybean Meal
Citrus Pulp