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Wet Feeds

Wet Feeds

Brewer’s Grain

CSC’s Brewer’s Grain Group specializes in the timely removal of grains used in the brewing process and the delivery of these processed grains to dairy farms and cattle feedlots. This excellent product has become the base commodity for thousands of herds across the country. CSC was a pioneer in the marketing of wet grains back in the 1970’s and today markets brewer’s grain in four regions of the country. We also market from and service several smaller and craft brewers, some of which are listed below. We also market brewer’s condensed solubles (BCS) on the East Coast. Timely logistics is provided by our capable staff located at each brewery we serve. An affiliated company, CSC Transportation LLC provides trucking services for several breweries. If you have questions and cannot locate correct regional contact listed below, please contact:

Tom Wilkinson – V.P. and General Manager, Brewer’s Grain
314-626-4580 (phone)

See a nutritional analysis of grain sold at these locations:

Northeast Market

Baldwinsville, New York

Our area covers New York

Mary Holland –  Manager
800-767-5999 (phone)
888-880-3773 (fax)

Krista Beechler – Sales Rep
716-380-3146 (mobile)

CSC Transportation LLC

Rhonda Mott – Truck Manager
315-638-1113 (phone)
315-638-0791 (fax)

Merrimack, New Hampshire

Our area covers Southern NH, VT, ME and Northern MA

Mike Maun – Manager
717-729-7151 (phone)

Krista Beechler – Sales Rep
716-380-3146 (mobile)

CSC Transportation LLC

Sean Constant – Truck Manager
603-724-7268 (phone)

Newark, New Jersey

Our area covers PA, NJ, MD, Western CT, Western MA

Mike Maun – Manager
717-729-7151 (phone)

Jen McCullough – Assistant Manager
717-226-4995 (phone)

Southeast Market


Bill Cromie – Manager

Cartersville, Georgia

Our area covers Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Bill Cromie – Manager and S.E. Trucking Manager
941-400-3629 (mobile)

CSC Transportation LLC
Joshwa Harris – Co-Manager
229-425-7241 (mobile)

Deborah Vines – Assistant Manager
678-721-2323 (phone)

Charles Russell – Sales Representative
Serving Georgia, South Carolina, and Southern Alabama

CSC Transportation LLC
Steve Tanner – Trucking Manager
229-432-2239 (phone)

Williamsburg, Virginia – Brewers Grains and Brewers condensed solubles

Our area covers Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, and Southeastern Pennsylvania.

877-893-9655 (phone)
804-379-5890 (fax)

Bill Cromie – Manager and S.E. Trucking Manager
941-400-3629 (mobile)

Wayne Spady – Sales Representative
757-334-0206 (phone)

CSC Transportation LLC
Mike Krusenklaus – Truck Manager

Jacksonville, Florida

Our area covers Florida and Southern Georgia.

386-328-3331 (phone)
386-328-3305 (fax)

Bill Cromie – Manager and S.E. Trucking Manager

CSC Transportation LLC

Bonnie Carney – Truck Manager

Emily Hackett – Sales Rep
727-412-0939 (mobile)


941-400-3629 (phone)
813-944-5206 (fax)

Central Market

Columbus, Ohio

Our area covers Ohio, Indiana, Southern Michigan, and Western Pennsylvania.

614-846-2684 (phone)
614-846-5087 (fax)

Mike Carey – Manager

Curt Cupp – Sales Representative
Servicing Ohio and Indiana

CSC Transportation LLC
Tom Grube – Truck Manager

St. Louis, Missouri

Our area covers Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Western Kentucky, Western Tennessee, Mississippi and Northern Arkansas.

314-909-7447 (phone)
314-909-9366 (fax)

Jason Smith – Manager
314-609-3830 (US phone)

Steve Raney – Reload Manager
417-746-4104 (Reload phone)
417-746-4683 (Reload fax)

Chris Van O’Linda – Feed Ingredient Sales & Midwest Craft Brewers Grains
800-767-2922 (phone)

Pat Henry – Sales Representative
Servicing Southwest Missouri and Northern Arkansas
417-838-3612 (Home Office phone)

Western Market

Houston, Texas

Our area covers Central and Eastern Texas, Southern Louisiana, and Southern Mississippi.

Charlie Simon – Manager
281-549-4439 (phone)

CSC Transportation LLC

Don Yarbrough – Truck Manager
281-967-6007 (phone)

Fort Collins, Colorado

Our area covers Front Range Area between Denver and Fort Collins.

Tim Plantz – Manager
770-337-0044 (phone)

John Meyer – Truck Manager
303-243-2861 (phone)

Fairfield, California

Our area covers Northern CA Area South of Sacramento.

Tim Plantz – Manager
770-337-0044 (phone)

Walt Hoyt – Sales Rep
916-833-2410 (mobile)

Van Nuys, California

Our area covers Chino Valley of Southern CA and Valley Area South of Bakersfield, CA.

Walt Hoyt – Manager
916-833-2410 (phone)

CSC Feed Canada

Creston B.C. and Edmonton AB

Chris Van O’Linda
800-767-4092 (US phone)
877-413-4667 (CN phone)

Montreal B.C.

Mike Maun
800-767-4092 (US phone)
877-413-4667 (CN phone)