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High Protein Feeds

High Protein Feeds

Corn Gluten Meal

Corn Gluten Meal is a high protein feed that is guaranteed to have minimum protein of 60%. Corn Gluten Meal makes an excellent poultry feed and pet food ingredient and its 55% bypass protein make it a good dairy feed.

Cottonseed By-Products

Cottonseed Meal is a processed by-product of whole cottonseed. The cottonseed crushing industry produces vegetable oil for human consumption plus cottonseed meal and cottonseed hulls used in animal feeds. The 41% protein meal is an excellent source of protein and is primarily used in cattle and catfish feed rations.

Poultry Meal

Poultry Meal/Chicken Meal/Feed Grade Poultry Meal are by-products from the poultry rendering industry. Poultry Meal and Chicken Meal are core components in many of today’s popular pet foods. These products are typically 65% Protein and 12-18% ash, depending on the pet food manufacturer’s specifications. Feed Grade poultry meal is a vital component in aquaculture feeding and other mixed feed rations. Feed Grade Poultry meal is typically a 60% protein product.

Soybean By-Products

Soybean Meal is a by-product of soybean processing. The soybean crushing industry produces vegetable oil for human consumption and biodiesel production, plus soybean meal and soybean hulls used in animal feeds. This 44% – 48% protein meal is the most common source of protein in feed and is commonly used in poultry, hog and dairy rations.