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Fiber Based Feeds

Beet Pulp

Beet pulp is a byproduct from the processing of sugar beets. It is used as fodder for the dairy and livestock sectors. It is supplied either as dried flakes or as compressed pellets.

Beet Pulp Contacts:

Ross Brainard – Merchandiser

800-769-0407 (phone)
913-345-0704 (fax)

Citrus Pulp/Citrus Pulp Pellets

Citrus pulp has excellent palatability and is used mainly in animal nutrition, replacing traditional sources of fibers and energy. Citrus Pulp pellets come from the drying and pelletization of the orange peel.

Citrus Pulp Contacts:

Spencer Campion – Merchandiser

800-769-0407 (phone)
913-345-0704 (fax)

Cottonseed Hulls

Cottonseed hulls are a high fiber product good for young cattle feed rations as they come off of pasture. It also has several industrial applications.

Cottonseed Hulls Contacts:

Chris Wenck – Merchandiser

Curt Gasper – Merchandiser

James Munger – Merchandiser

800-767-6215 (phone)
913-345-0704 (fax)

Soybean Hulls/Soybean Hull Pellets

Soybean hulls and soybean hull pellets are an excellent source of fiber and are used in dairy rations and other feed products.

Soybean Hulls Contacts:

Pete Runkel – Merchandiser

Bobby Vukson – Merchandiser

800-769-0407 (phone)
913-345-0704 (fax)