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About Commodity Specialists Company

CSC: an overview of our services

Commodity Specialists Company (CSC) was formed in 1993 when the founders purchased the Special Commodities Division from their employer, The Pillsbury Company. Sixty-five years ago, Pillsbury was the first company to form a national trading business dedicated to processed grain by-products. As an entrepreneurial organization with decades of market experience, we believe our traders and staff deliver an added measure of enthusiasm, flexibility and service to our customers.

One of CSC’s greatest assets is the financial strength that a merchandising firm with over $600 million in annual revenue can bring to the market. With a healthy mix of trading and marketing operations and 3.5+ million tons of annual volume, our financial strength is built on a diversified, stable operation.

In times of extreme input and output price volatility, CSC merchants earn the trust and respect of our customers everyday in the way we go about our business. We believe our customers rely on CSC to provide:

  • Timely and accurate shipping information.
  • Flexible shipping schedules.
  • Honest, independent market information.
  • Customer service that reflects our commitment to be an industry partner and not just another feed supplier.

CSC is fortunate to have been doing business with some of the largest and most successful grain processing companies and feed dealers for decades. Our suppliers are looking for a counter party who will:

  • Adhere to a shipping schedule that supports their plant operation.
  • Have the financial strength necessary to be a credible liquidity provider.
  • Provide open and honest market information.